Guitar Lesson 7: A crash course in Blues improvisation and soulful jamming

The next instalment of Tune in, Tone up! is due on Saturday 25th February.  

Keep listening!

The purpose of this lesson is to take some of the ideas from Lesson 1 and make it more accessible and instantly usable.

Go from:                                                     To this:

Dan’s awesome playing:

  1. First Dan and I look at position 1 (5th of the major pentatonic) of the minor pentatonic scale including the blues note.
  2. We look at the additional notes to make up the dorian mode.
  3. We consider some approaches to moving out of position and opening the fretboard up horizontally to cover more frets.
  4. We consider the difference between the dorian mode and the aeolian (minor scale).
  5. We have a think about what notes and approach is good to use over the ionian mode (major scale) and how to use the relative minor scale to do this.

Punctuated by demonstrations and improvisations throughout over backing tracks from YouTube, we hope that you gain some licks, ideas and ways of looking at blues improvisation which are useful and informative.

An example demo: 

We hope you enjoy this lesson.  I think that the ideas covered will be accessible to most levels of guitarist and get you up to speed with playing over the many backing tracks you can find on YouTube.  Give it a go – it feels great!

The next instalment of Tune in, Tone up! is due on Saturday 25th February.  In Lesson 8 we will look at the styles of Jimmy Page and Gary Moore with some lick ideas taken from both players.


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