About Tune in, Tone up!

Guitar Lessons with Dan Davies & Gary Shilladay

I’ve been having lessons with Dan Davies, an accomplished all-round guitarist and player from Brighton, for a couple of years.  Recently, I began recording our lessons so I could study them at my own pace and better remember all his outstanding advice.  We hope other people find them useful too, so if you haven’t yet listened, then see the SoundCloud link and find additional support on this site.  We are also on iTunes: Tune in, Tone up! Free Guitar Lessons Podcast – Dan and Gary

Get in contact here if you’re interested in also having lessons with Dan. He could do these in person if you live near Brighton, UK or on Skype if you hail from further afield. You can also contact us on Twitter or keep in touch through Facebook.  You can also see our posts and follow us on Google+.  You can also read Gary’s guitar magazine.

Good luck on your musical journey, Gary and Dan (November 2016)

Listen to Stitcher




Professional guitarist and teacher: Dan Davies

Dan’s student, podcast and website: Gary Shilladay

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