Guitar Lesson 25: Supercharging your Blues licks and adding some fire and fury to your playing


Guitar Lesson 25: Supercharging your Blues licks and adding some fire and fury to your playing



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In guitar lesson 25, Dan and I improvise over a Blues backing track in G and then we examine some of the licks and approaches which add some oomph into someone’s style and playing. Dan patiently breaks down a few of his licks for me and hopefully, after some practise, I will be able to inject them into my own playing to give it some clout. All our improvisations over the backing track have been left in warts and all so you can learn from my mistakes as well as Dan’s playing and hints.

This lesson begins with some improvising over this backing track:

We then look at some of the licks which Dan used in his playing and have another couple of improvisations as the lesson goes on.

iTunes –…d1187509288?mt=2
Release date:
19th November 2017

Episode 25:

4:30 jam 1 (

13:35 double stops

14:20 riff on top strings

15:10 same including blues note symmetrical

16:30 same staggered pattern across 5 strings from A string 12th fret to E string 15th fret

19:35 descending riff and played chicken pickin’ at 22:30

23:40 trill Gary Mooreism B string 3 and 6th frets slide to 2nd and 5th frets

24:10 trill idea plotting path up fretboard

25:10 trill and yank string behind trill to modulate

26:45 country style rolling trill lick with moved pattern at 27:55 and slightly alternative lick based on same idea at 29:00

31:00 Eric Johnson inspired descending lick straight from the pentatonic scale

34:40 jam 2

44:20 jam 3

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Keep listening for more great lessons and ideas from Tune in, Tone up! Lesson coming up on songwriting….

We really appreciate all your support and engagement,

Gary and Dan – Tune in, Tone up!


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