Video Guitar Lesson 6: Getting different sounds with pedals and guitars

Video Guitar Lesson 6: Getting different sounds with pedals and guitars:

In this lesson, I bring to Dan my Epiphone ES-335 Pro with its upgraded pedals (courtesy of Pedro Martins – Brighton Guitar Repairs,, my PRS and my pedalboard.  I spent quite a lot of this lesson without the camera rolling looking at these pedals and checking out my Gibson J45 which Pedro has also done an excellent job of setting up.

We then set the camera rolling, which is a new video camera that I hope will improve the quality of the picture, and I ask Dan to go through some of the sounds which I should be aiming for in an upcoming gig my band and I are doing for my friend’s 50th birthday.  As always, much of what Dan tells me is stuffed with loads of gems and nuggets and a lot of the general rationale behind music over time and a consideration of what was available then.

At just before 36 mins in, we  swap my PRS for my Epiphone ES-335 with the Iron Gear Blues Engines  (

Dan gives it a go, but unhelpfully it’s in Open G for my Stones parts. I show Dan what I do for Tumbling Dice and Jumpin Jack Flash and we look at the sound which the new pickups give it – pretty much straight away gaining a good tone for those songs. While Dan explains about effects and technologies over time I re-tune the guitar to standard tuning and finally Dan gives it a proper play to hear the different sounds available to it. It seems like a very impressive improvement to this guitar and I couldn’t recommend Pedro Martins’ work strongly enough.

All the best,

Dan and Gary

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