Video Guitar Lesson 7: Performance tips for acoustic guitar

Video Guitar Lesson 7: Performance tips for acoustic guitar

Firstly, we should share our friends’ new song – Well done Matt Mitchell on this great rock tune:

This lesson is a quick foray into the techniques and considerations which ought to be kept in mind when performing and playing the acoustic guitar. Dan and I look at a tune he recently played and sang at a performance and how he went about arranging this song for a good sound with just him and his guitar.  The song we look at is 1973 by James Blunt and we start by thinking about it’s tempo, the bassline and the chords.  Next we look at how to build dynamics into this performance with some different techniques on the guitar to utilise the range and sounds available when playing acoustically.

15:50 Dan performs the song with me holding the words out in front of him.

After the song is complete we look quickly at some of the different sounds and dynamic difference you can get with different pick angles or your fingers and playing gently as oppose to hard. Finally Dan raises for consideration some tools and pedals which could be useful if acoustic guitar is your thang – e.g. Looper Pedal, EQ pedals etc.

We hope you enjoy this lesson. As always, get in touch if you want us to cover a topic or if you want to share any thoughts, suggestions or feedback.

All the best, Gary and Dan




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