Guitar Lesson 16b: the King of Strat – Jeff Beck


Jeff BeckThis is my first fan-post.  On the back of one of our lessons (16b – Podcast episode on Strat sounds), I found myself doing some research and watching some videos of Jeff Beck (a truly incredible master of guitar), whose playing I admire above all others.  I hope you enjoy sharing in this set of inspiring videos and interviews.  He’s my favourite Strat artist and if you’ve not seen him live I cannot recommend it highly enough.

This first video has some great close ups of Jeff Beck using his volume, whammy and pickup selector:

This second video features some superb playing of Little Wing by Jeff Beck and talking tone in interview on Sky Arts’ Talks Music with Malcolm Gerrie…WOW!!!!:

And a good way to understand more about Jeff Beck is listening to another great – Sonny Landreth – talking about his style, slide playing and control use:

Here’s Jeff Beck at Guitar Centre talking about the frequencies:

Jeff Beck on his gear – contains a great story about how he swapped his Esquire (with all its history) for a Telecaster with Seymour Duncan:

And his 2008 interview with Fender:

Learning to control your tone from your guitar is hugely beneficial and you will become a much more versatile and confident guitarist by understanding this better.

I share this post as an additional post on Dan and I’s second lesson on tone:

Guitar Lesson 16b:

Getting a double-coil sound with a stratocaster and exploring their tonal variety

TITU’s mini-series on dialling in better tone using your guitar controls

Externally published supporting article: IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT GUITAR TONE



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