Guitar Lesson 20: Setting up a small pedal board: Tips, advice and things to consider.

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Guitar Lesson 20 – Setting up a small pedal board: Tips, advice and things to consider.


In guitar lesson 20, I take a set of pedals (which a friend has kindly lent me) around to Dan’s house to ask for his advice on how to use them.  Dan chooses to part with his Pedal Train Nano + and CIOKS ‘Adam’ power supply and then helps me to set up this small pedal board.  As we put together my mini-board, Dan shares lots of tips and things to consider when doing this which we now share with you.

In summary, Dan’s tips are:

  1. Put together the board which suits you – don’t go all out on a huge pedal board if you need to carry your pedal board by public transport to each gig.
  2. Start small and build it up from there.  Pre-plan everything.
  3. Consider a switching system.  Careful how you wire in your pedals and make sure that the pedals will be compatible and not draw too much power.
  4. Lots of options to look at for cabling.  Consider this carefully.
  5. Plan your board so everything fits and you have got room for all the wiring.  Think about which pedals you need greatest access to and what the order of the pedals is.
  6. Don’t buy a poor power supply and be prepared to pay a little more for one which will run your pedals well and avoid unwanted noise.

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Episode 20:

Superb guide on pedal boards from Premier Guitar

Great article from Guitar World about pedal boards with video:

Six String Sensei on pedal boards

Keep listening for more great lessons and ideas from Tune in, Tone up! Lessons coming up on the style of Steve Lukather and how best to practise.

We really appreciate all your support and listens ,

Gary and Dan – Tune in, Tone up!



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