Interview with a musician episode 2: Chris Green

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In our second interview with a musician we are really pleased to be able to introduce Chris Green of Tyketto from Atlanta, USA. If you’ve not already heard his stylish playing and excellent musicianship, then you should definitely check it out along with his lessons on YouTube. In the interview, among other things, we talk about some of his projects, what wisdom he has gained over the years and what it was like to go to the NAMM show earlier this year in LA.

Chris Green’s website –
Chris Green on ’emusicworkshop’ with Rick Beato –…5EA8HJadYxnZqhblA
The Guitar Guru Network –

  • 01:26 Introduction to the interview with Chris Green from Tyketto, Rubicon Cross, Furyon and Pride
  • 02:11 What are you working on and how can our listeners hear more?
  • 04:14 Discussion about Furyon
  • 06:49 Furyon – Disappear Again
  • 07:28 Rick Beato and Chris Green’s lessons on Rick’s YouTube channel and
  • 09:02 What first got you into playing, what was your first guitar and what was it like started out?
  • 12:00 The Shadows – Apache
  • 15:30 Aztec Camera – Somewhere in my Heart
  • 17:02 What guitars and amplifiers do you choose for certain gigs? Which are the go-tos?
  • 19:40 Chris Green – Unveil (the title track from his solo album)
  • 20:40 What do you wish you’d done more of when starting out? Could you have done things which would have fast-tracked your skills?
  • 25:00 Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
  • 26:28 Where do you draw your motivation and inspiration from in your in your guitar playing?
  • 30:04 Which players do you find inspirational?….
  • 31:40 Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover
  • 35:05 Pink Floyd – Echoes
  • 36:15 What is your desert island guitar? For example, your house is burning down – which ONE do you take with you?
  • 37:40 Do you have any other advice for aspiring guitar players?
  • 41:10 What do you think guitarists do well that other musicians aren’t as good at and what weaknesses do they often have?
  • 48:16 What are your thoughts about songwriting? What works for you and how do you go about finishing and arranging your songs?
  • 54:03 You’ve just come back from NAMM 2018 in LA haven’t you? What was the most exciting thing you saw or heard there? Who did you see playing or get chatting with? What’s it like to be at the hub of all things guitar?
  • 61:53 What future projects, concerts and gigs should we be looking out for from you?

More from Chris Green:


and the online lessons at ( playlist of 11 videos)

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