Guitar lesson on using sequences to gain the ‘wow’ factor and beyond the Pentatonic box

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Hey everyone! We are really pleased to be able to share the great news that TrueFire – the most excellent, expansive and extensive online lessons platform – have decided to sponsor our podcast until Christmas. Their product is so well thought out and educational that Dan and I are confident that you will find it an inspirational and valuable addition to your guitar learning arsenal. Sign up and receive 14 days to decide before you wish to pay for your subscription, without even needing to enter your card details. You really have nothing to lose and a world of knowledge and skills to gain.

Our lesson today is about gaining some go to and rehearsed sequences and ways of travelling around the fretboard between the different pentatonic patterns. There are some great ideas within on breaking out of the pentatonic box and developing some methods of linking the scale patterns as you are improvising. The benefit of rehearsing these sequences is that you can practise them and woodshed them to be able to deliver them at speeds which will really add some rhythmic fairy dust and exude the ‘wow’ factor.

Timings for the SoundCloud audio version

00:00:34TrueFire introduction
00:02:16First improvisation
00:06:29Review of last episode
00:07:24Introduction to today’s podcast
00:08:20Getting away from box shapes and scale patterns
00:08:47The 12th fret Em Pentatonic and spicing it up
00:11:24Look at strings in 3 pairs – E and A, D and G, B and E
00:12:28Mention of Tom Quayle
00:13:41Limit your lick to two strings then repeat in three octaves
00:14:04Example of this idea
00:15:43Full Em scale with 3 notes on E string, then 4 notes on A x3
00:16:26The Em scale over two strings, repeated
00:17:24Em pentatonic same idea: [E, G, A / B, >D]
00:18:00Repeat x4 on these strings: EA, AD, DG, BE
00:19:342nd Jam over the track
00:24:01End of improv
00:24:32The useful logic of the layout of notes on a piano (vs the guitar)
00:25:09Use fret markers as guides
00:27:21Minor pentatonic starting with the root note on the A string
00:30:02Reminder of the pentatonic, blues, pedestrian and dorian mode
00:31:01How to travel from position 4 to position 1?
00:31:20Going through position 5
00:31:41Linking patterns together
00:31:58Hammer on two strings and return to the second notes in 5s
00:32:46Carry the sequences up on the two middle strings
00:34:01Another suggestion is to use the 3 notes sequence to transfer up through the positions
00:35:39Slow breakdown of a 3 note sequence moving up the fretboard
00:36:41You can also connect using the four note pattern sequence
00:37:52Going down in fours on the top E and B string until you get to position four
00:38:53You can do this same sequence but in reverse, ascending the fretboard
00:39:42Why some people might be a bit scared of improvising and the reality of the ‘trick bag’
00:40:55Aim to have a few things to draw on in whichever key or mode you might need
00:41:19Phrygian solo ideas
00:42:02Dan identifying the plateau which may come from getting stuck in the Blues pattern
00:42:20Extend the time spent going from A to B by sequencing
00:42:43Sequence across patterns to extend the duration
00:43:22Be melodic but be able to extend your phrases by using sequences
00:44:30To develop your own sound develop flairs, styles and ways of negotiating the fretboard
00:44:51You want to be able to do this with ease and not be worrying when the moment approaches
00:45:49The wow factor: Joe Bonamassa and developing playing full of sequences and symmetry
00:46:19How to make things symmetrical: choose notes like the 6th and 9th to help make things more easy to play under the fingers
00:48:17Get the book by Guthrie Govan: Creative Guitar
00:49:04Summary: 1) duplicate patterns on pairs of strings and 2) learn sequences to connect patterns 
00:50:35Isolate the sequence to use between melodic playing or different positions


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Gary and Dan

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