Guitar lesson exploring voice leading, alternate picking and a TrueFire jam track

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Hey everyone! We are really pleased to be able to share the great news that TrueFire – the most excellent, expansive and extensive online lessons platform – have decided to sponsor our podcast until Christmas. Their product is so well thought out and educational that Dan and I are confident that you will find it an inspirational and valuable addition to your guitar learning arsenal. Sign up and receive 14 days to decide before you wish to pay for your subscription, without even needing to enter your card details. You really have nothing to lose and a world of knowledge and skills to gain.

This is the first part of an episode on playing at speed and pace.  It follows on from our earlier lesson on how to use sequences to open the fretboard.  Next lesson we will look at some ways that you might use sequences to build speed and gain interest.  Dan will also identify the two-string rule and explain how you can use pairs of strings to repeat licks in different octaves.  In this first part, however, our guitar chat is based on TrueFire, our current sponsors.

Thank you TrueFire for sponsoring our podcast and with Christmas coming, what better gift could there be for a guitar fanatic?  We are grateful for your vote of confidence and are fully enthusiastic about your product in return.  How could we not be?  The TrueFire guitar learning platform is massive and meticulous in its layout and content.  In this episode, Dan and I look at two courses from TrueFire and an ‘in the Jam’ track by Joe Bonamassa:

  1. Jazz Comping Handbook by Ted Ludwig – voice leading
  2. Andy Wood Modern Telecaster Shred
  3. In the Jam – Joe Bonamassa

Timings for the SoundCloud audio version

00:00:34TrueFire introduction and details for purchasing
00:05:17Jazz Comping Handbook by Ted Ludwig – voice leading
00:06:37Progression – Em7, A7, Dm7, G7, Cmaj7
00:08:08What are the two most significant notes in a chord?
00:09:51A connected feel
00:10:07Demo from Ted Ludvig’s TrueFire Course
00:12:48Separating the top notes of the chord from the bass note
00:14:41Andy Wood Modern Telecaster Shred
00:17:28Andy Wood’s lick at full speed
00:18:27Slowed down Andy Wood’s lick at 50%
00:21:23In the Jam – Bonamassa and Dust Bowl


Keep watching, listening and getting in touch.  We really want to hear from you!

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Enjoy your musical journey and be in touch!

Gary and Dan

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