Video Guitar Lesson 1: Practical ways to improve the speed of your guitar playing

New video guitar lesson out on developing your tempo and adding speed and interest into your playing:

Our audio podcast will continue but due to the length of time editing and organising everything it has been tricky to maintain lessons at a frequency which we would like and so Dan and I have been experimenting with some setups for making video lessons and I think that we have come up with something which means that we will effectively be able to start a new catalogue of video lessons to compliment what we have been doing over the past couple of years.

I hope that you enjoy this episode and the many which will hopefully follow.  The idea is to produce them in a very organic fashion with little editing and so there will be guitar ideas and lessons here for you with warts and all.

Please be in touch via our many methods of being in touch or comment on our videos to help their rankings and be involved in the whole process.  We are hoping for lots of good comments and ratings and hopefully between us all we can share Dan’s incredible wealth of knowledge extensively and across the world.

Sit back and enjoy.  I will put the audio out on our Soundcloud account as well, however, please remember that the quality of these audios will include a lot more background noise and noises.

I hope that all this is good and look forward to sharing more with you if we get a positive response.  Thanks already to “drsch3” who’s already left us a really positive and encouraging comment.  This will really help to motivate further work and resources from us.

All the best,

Tune in Tone up! Gary and Dan.

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