Guitar Lesson 36: Right hand techniques – rhythm, arpeggiating, hybrid, economy and sweep picking

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Guitar Lesson 36: Right hand techniques – rhythm, arpeggiating, hybrid, economy and sweep picking

In guitar lesson 36, we focus fully on the right hand rhythmic and lead picking techniques.  We start by looking at how you can arpeggiate chords interestingly using the pick, briefly in the style of Green Day and Guns ‘n’ Roses.  We also look at a mix of pick and fingers.  In the second half of the lesson we get technical and revisit economy and sweep-picking.  A bit of an advanced lesson – if you’d like any tabs, then get in touch.

Main timings:

00:03:48 Review of the pick ‘n’ fingers (Guthrie Govan) exercise from an earlier episode
00:04:43 Review Dan’s crosspicking exercise idea from episode 35: D D U D D U D U
00:05:14 Discussion of the merits of ability to play with a pick or fingerstyle
00:06:44 The question of whether to experiment using a thumbpick
00:07:28 Green Day type demonstration of Dan’s preferred style of picking chords
00:10:52 Chet Atkins style jam
00:11:34 Dan’s rule or hack for arpeggiating anything
00:12:51 Use a pick to string skip pick arpeggios in chords D(a) D(d) U(g) D(d) U(b) U(g) D(d) U(e)
00:14:32 Picking the same strings as the previous exercise but using pick ‘n’ fingers
00:15:15 Picking and fingers instruction P P 2 P 3 2 P 3
00:16:22 Paradise City picking discussion
00:18:27 Economy picking recap and revision
00:25:06 Sweep-picking revisited with some suggestions, advice and observations


Tune in Tone up News:

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Tune in Tone up meeting, masterclass and workshop

  1. Firstly, a great way to connect with us is through our Facebook page, Twitter account and website emailing list.  Quite a few of our listeners have been in touch via our Facebook page, where you can also find pictures of both me and Dan; our guitars, amps and pedalboards.  We are based in the South of England and over the next few months we are planning a Tune in Tone up meeting, masterclass and workshop.  If you are based locally or could travel to Brighton, like this idea and want to be involved, then let us know that you’re interested and stay active on our Facebook page for developments.
  2. Secondly, if you have ideas for future lessons, questions or want help with anything we have covered (tabs can be organised for a small fee), then don’t hesitate to contact us.  Rodney recently got in touch with us and we had a really interesting discussion about the woods guitars are made from and as a result he has a new guitar.  Also, Carlos has been in touch several times inspiring a couple of our recent lessons.  Iam has been in touch and has gained some direction in his practice and is going to take some monthly lessons with Dan.
  3. Finally, we appreciate all ratings and reviews especially via iTunes.  These really help our podcast to get noticed by more people.  Any shares via Facebook, Twitter or good old fashioned word of mouth are also gratefully received.  If anyone is interested in donating, then find us on Patreon where we offer Skype lessons and other goodies.

Musical – U


I want to start the podcast today with my recommendation for a superb group of musicians who are working tirelessly to bring a brilliant website to help people develop their musicality.  I have just become a member of Musical-U and I have to say that their attention to detail and understanding of how to develop musicality is second to none.  Their vision and view on the importance of ear training and rhythmic development really fits in well with our own rationale.  I really recommend checking them out and also listening to the Musicality podcast which Christopher Sutton, the Director of Musical-U, hosts.  If you want some deep insights into music, start listening and join the community.



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