Guitar lesson on playing with dynamics and using a motif to build interest into your melodies and improvisations

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This is our follow up episode on playing using dynamics, subtlety and motifs to build interest into your improvisations and melodies.  It follows on from our earlier lessons on how to use sequences to open the fretboard and also the previous episode on TrueFire courses and their jam tracks.  Last lesson we looked at building pace and speed and this time we look more at the finer points of improvising.

During this lesson Dan and I start and end this episode with a jam over one of Andy Timmon’s jam tracks produced for TrueFire.  This track forms part of their series called ‘In the Jam’ and as the title implies, these are multi-track top quality produced tracks where you have the control over the different tracks.  It is possible to easily mute the lead guitar and use it as a backing track.  Another great feature is the function to play a lead guitar commentary video and audio.  For the track we are looking at, Andy Timmons talks over his solo and improvisation choices to explain what he did and why he did it, along with sharing his wisdom.  It is a fantastic feature, which is not shared by all the series of ‘In the Jams’ but something which we loved about the Andy Timmons series.

In The Jam: Andy Timmons

  • Welcome
  • Key of Am: Melodic Rock
  • Key of Em: Modal Vamp
  • Key of Cm: Funky Motif
  • Key of A: Groovin Blues
  • Key of Dm: Cry for You
  • Bm to E7: Groovy Vamp
  • Key of E: On Your Way
  • C Sharp Minor City Blues
  • Key of Am: Rock Free
  • Key of Bm: Rock Ballad

Another great series is the ‘Best of In the Jam’: this series includes tracks from Andy Timmons:

Jitterbug Changes is sourced from In The Jam: Frank Vignola & Julian Lage

Far Out Wes is sourced from In The Jam: Blue Highways

86 That is sourced from In The Jam: Modern Grooves

Live Wire is sourced from In The Jam: Blues Speak

I’ve Got Changes is sourced from In The Jam: Mimi Fox

Modal Vamp is sourced from In The Jam: Andy Timmons

Cut You Loose is sourced from In The Jam: Robben Ford Sessions

Stormy In G is sourced from In The Jam: Larry Carlton

Ping Pong is sourced from In The Jam: NYC Funk

Timings for the SoundCloud audio version

00:00:34TrueFire – offers and advert
00:02:17Jam over Andy Timmons TrueFire track
00:05:36Talking about Andy Timmons
00:06:56Introduction to TrueFire’s ‘In the Jam’ controls
00:08:46Let’s listen to Andy Timmons playing over the same track
00:09:56Moved along towards the end of Andy Timmon’s solo
00:10:41Again with the lead analysis on and changing track volumes
00:11:45Learning point: it’s okay to make mistakes
00:12:02Playing at home or in rehearsal is the time for mistakes
00:12:43Know exactly what you are doing for performances
00:13:36Targets should be challenging
00:14:00Discussion around dynamics and having a motif
00:16:23Try having a repeated motif for cohesion
00:17:13Guthrie Govan: each note has a special quality
00:18:16Listen to how the track builds up
00:18:352nd set of improvisations over the track

Hey everyone! We are really pleased to have this mini-series sponsored by TrueFire until Christmas: it is the most excellent, expansive and extensive online lessons platform. Their product is so well thought out and educational that Dan and I are confident that you will find it an inspirational and valuable addition to your guitar learning arsenal. Sign up and receive 14 days to decide before you wish to pay for your subscription, without even needing to enter your card details. You really have nothing to lose and a world of knowledge and skills to gain.

Thank you TrueFire for sponsoring our podcast and with Christmas coming, what better gift could there be for a guitar fanatic?  We are grateful for your vote of confidence and are fully enthusiastic about your product in return.  How could we not be?  The TrueFire guitar learning platform is massive and meticulous in its layout and content. 


Guitar lesson on playing with pace: plectrums, picking, practise, sequences and strings

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