Video Guitar Lesson 5: Tapping techniques; usable ideas and exercises for improvisation

Video Guitar Lesson 5: Tapping techniques; usable ideas and exercises for improvisation

In Tune in Tone up’s second full lesson we explore the theme of tapping: using the strumming / picking hand to hammer on to notes which would normally be out of reach for your fretting hand.

Dan gives me some hints and useful tips to get me started and help me to develop in this area and we also spend some time trying to put some of these ideas into some improvisation over backing tracks.

As always this lesson has been uploaded warts and all in order to deliver our content to you, the listener, as frequently and in as full a format as we can. We hope that this is useful to you and that there are no glaring mistakes or editing issues.

We really hope that you’re enjoying this new format of our lessons (with our audio also released on SoundCloud – – as per our older format) and look forward to many more lessons with Dan and I as we tweak our setup and smooth out our production. Do get in touch with us for anything at all, including feedback in the comments below, through our Facebook page ( or via our website ( and we’ll do our best to respond to your suggestions, ideas and comments.

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