Guitar lesson on using bends, specifically overbends, when improvising

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Listen here to our newest episode on overbending

This is our follow up episode following on from last week’s foray into the jamming tracks created by Andy Timmons on TrueFire’s “In the Jam” tracks.  This week, we start the episode with a quick shout out to our Patreon page which we hope that you will seriously consider giving to.  You will get a shout out in future episodes, if you wish, and there are tiered benefits available.  If we had a pound for everyone who has ever listened to Tune in Tone up, then we would be very happy guitar podcasters indeed. 

After this initial launch, Dan and I have an improvisation over the Andy Timmons track from last week.  We then have a listen to a snippet of Andy Timmon’s own improvisation and if you would like to hear more and have these tracks for yourself, then click this link:  and find his set of jamming tracks and buy it using TONEUP30 at the check out.

We then move on to talking about bending and Dan distinguishes between under and over bending as a mistake that lots of guitarists, especially as they are starting out, make frequently.  Then we move on to the topic of overbending as a technique in itself and put this to some use over another one of Andy Timmons jam tracks – A Funky Motif, key of Cm. 

Finally, we take a cursory look at Matt Schofield’s amazing course – Blues Speak.  We listen to him talking about Albert Collins using the minor pentatonic with an added 6th, then an excerpt of an improvisation by Matt Schofield to demonstrate this idea.  We then take a very quick look at where the idea of overbending came from: Matt Schofield’s, Blues Speak on Albert King where we hear him ‘wrestle’ the notes from the bend.

During this lesson Dan and I start the episode with a jam over one of Andy Timmon’s jam tracks produced for TrueFire.  This track forms part of their series called ‘In the Jam’ and as the title implies, these are multi-track top quality produced tracks where you have the control over the different tracks.  It is possible to easily mute the lead guitar and use it as a backing track.  Another great feature is the function to play a lead guitar commentary video and audio.  For the track we are looking at, Andy Timmons talks over his solo and improvisation choices to explain what he did and why he did it, along with sharing his wisdom.  It is a fantastic feature, which is not shared by all the series of ‘In the Jams’ but something which we loved about the Andy Timmons series.

In The Jam: Andy Timmons

Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Key of Am: Melodic Rock
  • Key of Em: Modal Vamp
  • Key of Cm: Funky Motif
  • Key of A: Groovin Blues
  • Key of Dm: Cry for You
  • Bm to E7: Groovy Vamp
  • Key of E: On Your Way
  • C Sharp Minor City Blues
  • Key of Am: Rock Free
  • Key of Bm: Rock Ballad

Timings for the SoundCloud audio version

00:00:33Final Christmas call to use our links to start your TrueFire journey
00:00:45Our 30% off promo code: “TONEUP30”
00:01:19Patreon donations:
00:01:28Improvisation over Andy Timmons backing track
00:05:58The advantages of TrueFire’s In the Jams
00:07:43Andy Timmons improvising over his track on TrueFire’s In the Jam
00:08:23Principles of bending and an intro to the idea of overbending
00:08:29Often people accidentally over or under bend when learning to bend
00:09:05A brief word on muting with the left and right hand
00:09:20Easier to remedy an overbend than an underbend
00:09:49Overbending as a technique in itself
00:10:24Overbending over Andy Timmons – funky motif, key of Cm
00:15:07Matt Schofield on Albert Collins – minor pentatonic with the 6th
00:15:29Gary briefly talks through the TrueFire course platform
00:16:16Matt Schofield’s ‘BLUES SPEAK’ course on Albert King and overbending
00:17:06TrueFire Advert – last chance to use “TONEUP30” to save 30% on TrueFire

Hey everyone! We are really pleased to have this mini-series sponsored by TrueFire until Christmas: it is the most excellent, expansive and extensive online lessons platform. Their product is so well thought out and educational that Dan and I are confident that you will find it an inspirational and valuable addition to your guitar learning arsenal. Sign up and receive 14 days to decide before you wish to pay for your subscription, without even needing to enter your card details. You really have nothing to lose and a world of knowledge and skills to gain.

Thank you TrueFire for sponsoring our podcast and with Christmas coming, what better gift could there be for a guitar fanatic?  We are grateful for your vote of confidence and are fully enthusiastic about your product in return.  How could we not be?  The TrueFire guitar learning platform is massive and meticulous in its layout and content. 

Christmas TrueFire Sponsored 2022 mini-series

Also released in 2022

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Enjoy your musical journey and be in touch!

Gary and Dan

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