Interview with a musician, episode 1: Dan Davies

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In this first interview with a guitar player, Gary asks Dan Davies for his thoughts on some questions about what the guitar means to him.  We are aiming to include lots of other players in the future and ask them similar questions too.  With questions about how he first came to play guitar, what his motivation and inspiration is and how he gets past stagefright and nerves, these interviews will enlighten, educate and entertain.

3:30 What first got you into playing the guitar?
8:30 What do you wish you’d done more of when starting out?
12:33 Where do you draw your motivation and inspiration from?
18:47 What advice do you have for others interested in pursuing a career in music?
21:57 What do you think guitarists do well that other musicians aren’t as good at?
25:23 What weaknesses are there particularly for guitar players over other musicians?
29:55 What are your thoughts about songwriting?
35:09 What genres, styles and techniques do you want to improve in your playing?
39:03 What’s your advice for gigging and your nerves when performing?

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