Guitar Lesson 24: The Blues revisited to identify areas to work on for your chops


24 guitar-blues-blue

Guitar Lesson 24: The Blues revisited to identify areas to work on for your chops


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In Guitar Lesson 24, Dan suggests that we go back to look again at my Blues playing in order to identify areas which I ought to work on and potential weaknesses in my improvisation skills and techniques. Bearing this in mind we take a Blues backing track in E and play over it in turns, then look at some things which I should work on and also some tips and guitar hacks to assist. During the episode there are some suggestions about playing rhythmically, note choice using the blues note and borrowing from a couple of the modes and practicing some riffs and phrases to be better prepared.

The blues backing track we used:

Be kind to me on this one 🙂 I appreciate everyone’s patience and tolerance.
Listening back to this lesson I really was not happy with my playing on this lesson and will definitely be prioritising playing over a 12 bar blues over the next few weeks and months. Dan’s excellent suggestions have inspired me to really work on licks I can use for each of the changes and get my chops honed and in time. I plan to use a metronome and have just purchased a Digitech Trio (a pedal which acts as an automatic drum machine and bassist)to further help with this. A Looper might also be useful looking forward to Christmas. I really want to get my improvisations sounding confident, rhythmically and in their phrasing and note choice. I hope Dan’s suggestions were as useful to you as they were to me and that you forgive my playing and learn from the mistakes which I find myself making.

Keep listening as next episode we return to this topic and Dan gives me some tips about some licks and ideas for using to improvise over the Blues.
Release date:
19th November 2017

Episode 24:

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Keep listening for more great lessons and ideas from Tune in, Tone up! Lessons coming up on some further ideas to assist you in playing the Blues and songwriting….

We really appreciate all your support and engagement,

Gary and Dan – Tune in, Tone up!


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