Guitar Lesson 21: The style and technique of Steve Lukather

21 SL6

Guitar Lesson 21: The style and technique of Steve Lukather.


21 SL4

This episode of our podcast, guitar lesson 21, is an introduction to the style of Steve Lukather – session guitarist extraordinaire and virtuoso. In it we examine his note choice, techniques and approach to the guitar. This lesson is being released as one whole lesson as we felt that it fitted together better this way. It begins with Dan’s improvisation over the YouTube backing track, which we found to use as the basis for this lesson. The lesson then starts proper with a background discussion of Lukather’s playing and session work. Next Dan breaks down some of the techniques and ideas which he employed in his imrovisation. Finally, it ends with a jam in which we both take it in turns to improvise over the backing track.

21 SL5

iTunes –…d1187509288?mt=2

Release date:
27 October 2017

Episode 21:

Keep listening for more great lessons and ideas from Tune in, Tone up! Lessons coming up on how best to practise, some advice with some songs for Gary (includes Times Like These and Purple Rain) and some further lessons to assist you in playing the Blues….

We really appreciate all your support and engagement,

Gary and Dan – Tune in, Tone up!



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